Retro-Air™ Rejuvenator System comes with a 2-year limited warranty

The Retro-Air™ Rejuvenator System provides a complete drainfield rejuvenation system that improves flow and returns a failed existing septic system back to optimal flow and performance.

Supercharge Your Septic System with the Retro-Air™ Rejuvenator System
Retro-Air Installation Diagram

The Retro-Air uses the aerobic process to restore failed anaerobic installations or to prevent failures in newly constructed septic systems by delivering a constant flow of air to the diffuser. Can be used in new or existing septic systems and can be installed in single or multiple compartment septic tanks. Quick and easy to install, the Retro-Air requires minimal maintenance.

Save Thousands on Costly Drainfield Repairs.

The Retro-Air Rejuvenator System will eliminate a clogged drainfield biomat as well as other secondary treatment systems and is recommended in aeration systems that are prone to backup. Learn how it works

Retro-Air Premium Rejuvenator System - Sandstone Pod
Retro-Air Premium Rejuvenator System - Green Granite Pod
Retro-Air Standard Rejuvenator System

The Retro-Air Rejuvenator System is available in several models to fit your application. View Retro-Air models